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Buy grit bins direct from UK manufacturer

Quality Grit Bins for Road Salt

Range of colours & sizes for all applications

The Europalite designed and manufactured Grit Bins are essential equipment in inclement weather.

Even though the UK does not get snow every year, but it usually arrives unexpectedly and causes havoc for us all.

Purchasing a grit bin from Europalite will ensure you are prepared this winter season and all of our salt and grit bins are highly visible, extremely durable and completely rot proof.

Who should buy a grit bin?

Grit Bins are essential for every building that is accessible by the public such hospitals and schools. In addition, every workplace in the UK should have available a grit bin and salt to protect their employees on cold days.

Slopes and stairways can easily become a health & safety risk following a frost - a member of staff or the public can be seriously injured if the surfaces are not treated effectively.

Why purchase from Europalite?

As manufacturers, we carry a large range of grit bins on the shelf - in many sizes and colours.

Our grit bins are manufactured in our own factory - to our own exacting specifications.

£ 74.99 excl VAT
(£ 89.99 incl. VAT)
Grit Bin - 6cu.ft (170ltr) Options Available
£ 78.74 excl VAT
(£ 94.49 incl. VAT)
Grit Bin - 7cu.ft (200ltr) Options Available
£ 104.99 excl VAT
(£ 125.99 incl. VAT)
Grit Bin - 14cu.ft (396ltr) Options Available
£ 199.00 excl VAT
(£ 238.80 incl. VAT)
Grit Bin - 36cu.ft (1020ltr) Options Available
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