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Speed Bump Kits & Components

Nearly all businesses and public services rely on incoming and outgoing vehicles to operate. Whether they are delivering goods, transporting patients to a hospital or customers visiting your shop they are an essential part of daily operations and keeping staff and pedestrians safe whilst on your property is always a top priority.
The Europalite speed bump is available in two sizes - 50mm and 75mm, and can be supplied as individual modular units or in kit form with everything (fittings and drill bit) needed for installation.
The Europalite speed bump is suitable for installation to both concrete and tarmac.

Suitable for use in so many industries where vehicles need to be prevented from speeding, with the most popular applications being;

  • Logistics depots
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centres
  • Construction sites

Europalite - Guaranteed Excellence

Superior Quality

Built to last, the Europalite range of speed bumps are made from a high quality recycled Therma plastic material and are tried and tested to withstand daily use when installed. For increased visibility at night, centre sections come supplied with reflectors.

In addition, the Europalite speed ramp has a cable channel running through the underneath of each section, allowing for the protection of cables or hoses if required.

We have been supplying speed bump components and kits for many years and our current range are some of the most cost effective on the market. Europalite are a leading company within the market, offering guaranteed quality and some of the lowest prices with the UK today.